Characters in Dragon Nest are categorized into classes. Each class can be subdivided into two subclasses each, which can be further divided into two third job classes per subclass. There are six classes, or 24 possible third job subclasses.

Each class is differentiated by gender, type of damage dealt, armor, weapons, and role in a party.

Specialization Edit

At Level 15, talk to your class trainer in order to begin your 1st specialization. Once you are done, you can pick one of two subclasses.

At Level 45, you can start your second specialization by accepting the specialization quest in the Remote Quest tab in the Quest window. You will be able to pick two 3rd job classes at the end.

In either case, the specialization is irreversible unless you posses a Class Change Scroll. 

List of Classes Edit

Warrior icon


Archer icon


Sorc icon


Swordsman Mercenary Acrobat Sharpshooter Elementalist Mystic
Gladiator Lunar Knight Barbarian Destroyer Tempest Windwalker Sniper Warden Ice Witch Pyromancer War Mage Chaos Mage
Cleric Tinkerer Kali
Priest Paladin Engineer Alchemist Screamer Dancer
Saint Inquisitor Guardian Crusader Gear Master Shooting Star Physician Adept Soul Eater Dark Summoner Spirit Dancer Blade Dancer
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